A website with all the informations you need to invest in Portugal.

New website for Estia Portugal, a real estate company from Greece that is now in Portugal too. We developed the website with all the information anyone needs to invest in Portugal. The website was designed in the best way to show all services, articles, projects, properties available, and information to contact the real estate on the homepage, each area with the necessary specifications. We designed templates for proposals, properties, and projects. For social media, we created content for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and wrote articles for the blog. In these three months, 46 people contacted the company through social networks, 779 followers on Instagram and 154 on LinkedIn and Facebook, all organic.

The biggest challenge was the short time we had, just a month to finish the website and a week to start working on social media. But once again, we managed to deliver on time for the real estate company. Now the company has everything they need to impress their customers.

Create a website that shows in a simple and practical way all projects and properties available for investment. For this, we have developed a landing page with all services, articles, contact, and investments to show the customer. In addition, we made a brand positioning aimed at Portugal, without losing the identity of Greece. The corporate presentation templates are 100% adjustable according to the needs of each client, including photos, introductory texts, drawings of the property, and price lists. For social media, we use the same posting pattern, always seeking to bring a lot of information about investment in Portugal, projects, and properties available.

For social media, in three months, 46 people getting in contact with the company through social networks, 779 followers on Instagram, and 154 on LinkedIn/Facebook, all organic.

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